Monday, January 7, 2008

beads, paper and organization

I have been a bit out of whack for a few days. Got a cold from all the sick people who I hang out with (namely my dear sweet hubby and my co-workers)- missed work today but I think I am doing better and will work tomorrow.
i have been beading for a few days. I have been making lanyard type/necklace thingies. I wear a badge to work every day. I have my main badge on a badge holder that has a clip on the back to attach it to the edge of your pants pocket, lapel etc. My problem is that most days I don't wear pants or jackets that have lapels. I am a skirt and/or dress type girl and never wear a jacket unless I am forced (because I am always HOT in our office). Anyway, I bought this little ribbon deal that hooks together and has a small charm on the end that you hang your badge on--5 bucks--. Well-- i bought the one so i could have a pattern. I have been making all kinds of them with different colored beads to match what i wear. Now, have a little wardrobe of them- - -actually I think I have made 6 so far. Anyway much easy to make--way cheaper than $5-- and cute.
i have not had time to play with my paper goodies much. I did get some paper containers that are 12 x 12 size and moved all of the paper to them. i have the solids all in rainbow order and then the prints sorted by something that makes sense to me..... I have flowers,plants and leaves as one section, geometries as another, textures as another, and vellum in another.... i have a few that are not too easy to classify. i don't really know what to do with the cartoony ones, the ones that have a slight pattern on it and other stuff like that.
The worst thing is that I found some mulberry paper i bought to make tear bears out of. Becky had given me a bunch of patterns and tips and ideas. She gave me a whole book of them. Now with all the cleaning and such I cant find them. i have the other stuff she gave me----but i can not find the book of patterns! wonder where in the world i put it????
Katie got a new (older) car on Friday. It is a green Toyota Corolla. 1999 I think she said.--I'm not very good with that sort of thing. She seems to like it well enough. She has already taken it to Memphis and back so I guess it runs OK. LOL She complains about spending so much on gas but then she is driving a lot too so that is no surprise. I don't know how many miles it is to Memphis from her place but it takes about 3 1/2 hrs. but with gas at $3 it adds up fast. i just cant get over that it has been almost a month since the wreck and that she is OK-- every time i look at the pictures----ewwww--- i cant believe it
well better hit the bed so i can go back to work tomorrow.

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