Thursday, December 27, 2007

only a few more days...

until the beginning of a new year. i love the fresh crispness of a newly opened calendar-- the fresh clean pages just waiting for me to write some wonderful plans on them. ...and i love looking back at the old calendar and seeing what we did and when we were having a good time with ____ and where we were when we met____. And seeing what was going on in every month. i use my pocket calendar as a daily diary almost--- nearly every date has something written on it. so i can tell you just about any day what i was doing , who i was with, and were i was. most of the time the the days are fairly boring and the same but when i look and see something special it brings it all back to me - - - -what fun we had etc.

makes me wonder:
  • what will the next year will bring?
  • where we will be?
  • what we will do?
  • who we will spend time with?
  • vacation--with who and where and when
  • birthdays who will help us celebrate Katie's 22nd, Marks 53rd and my 49th??? Brad's 58th...Charlie's 78th???
  • will all of our precious ones be with us when the next year starts?

  • will we have new babies in our family in 2008?
  • will we make it through a new year without a devastating event?
so much to anticipate and wonder about

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Sherri said...

It's a good time to reflect!! Very true. I don't really know how to know how to be added to a blog. I'm very new to blogging. I thought you knew! lol. Maybe Shannon or someone else knows.~ Man that car wreck was bad!!