Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Cards, cooking and ...everything

well--- OK i have been known to ummmmmm... procrastinate? I just started making my Christmas cards. couldn't seem to come up with an idea i liked. I couldn't find a Christmas tree stamp like i wanted to go with the paper i got to print our letter on. So,I ended up cutting the tree's (three different shapes) out of sponge and there you go. now i am having stamping issues with the paint. Can't seem to get it exactly right and either get blobs or no cover at all. then ....I have to put the dang things together, write the letter, print the letter, address the envelopes and then stamp and mail them---wheeeew!- - - - -in the next few days. oh and stuff the cards with our family picture. I would post a pic but now my camera has decided it hates my computer and they wont work together.
I'm getting the dress put away... it sits here and looks at me and waits on me to work on it---so i am putting it out of our misery and putting it away.
Oh and not to EVEN mention that i haven't even started making goodies--cookies- candy- cake- planning at least two big meals--
.......and finish the bathroom painting and putting everything back together and maybe put up my new little tree in there but then again maybe not---Geesh just thinking of all the family that will be here next weekend (22nd)
I got the sweetest little gift from Karen on i am going to steal her idea and make a bunch of them----someday that is. i wish i could take credit for the is a post-it note holder. She has made several different kinds that i know of-- she has sent me two of them. Wish i could post some pictures of them
well, I guess this is not getting the cards made nor the post it note holders, not the scrapbook pages for a Christmas present- nor the cooking etc
I am searching every one's blog for ideas and found a bunch that i want to try- Thanks for the inspiration Ladies


Ann Marie said...

I want to make some of those post-it holders, too! Only problem is--where did she get the fancy post-its?? Hmmm must remember to ask her.

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

i dont have any idea where she got them. i got a great black and white one that is beautiful!
tonight when we went to W-mart- I got some hearts and stars ones and a couple of square and rectangle ones-- cant wait to start

Anonymous said...

LOL! Wow, can't believe I'm the topic of conversation on a blog! Much easier to just have others talk about my crafts than to write a blog myself!!
Those cool black and white ones that I used came from JoAnns $1.00 special bin! But I keep my eye out for fancy, schmancy post-its where ever I go!