Monday, December 3, 2007

begining to cope and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

thank you all for the encouragement you have each given me-- i cant tell you how much i appreciate knowing i have friends out there. I think i am beginning to cope with my diagnosis (probable i still say). I went to my PCP last week for blood work and he said he still didn't think i had scleroderma... i told him that at this point i had done some much research on it that i probably know more about it than he does. He doesn't think I have the "right" symptoms for it...I told him I was a classic case-- Renaud's in my hands, dry skin and mucus membranes, alopecia==yep I'm losing my hair too. Anyway he just sorta looked at me--so i got my labs and left. I guess that is what comes of knowing your personal Dr. so long, having worked for him and being familiar with each other.... he thinks i am a hypochondriac LOL

Anyway--- didn't mean to get off on that subject. We are trying to get Christmas-y around here. Mark did the outdoor decoration yesterday and it looks great. The inside is about done as it is going to get. He is still working on the bathroom (paint) and i am working on the "dress from ______ ' well you know where! LOL Well actually i am sitting here talking to you and watching Charlie Brown Christmas. Then in a little while i am going to take a bath and go to bed--- how is that for a scintillating night?

I worked a little on the Christmas cards last night-- still making them LOL then gotta get them addressed and mailed. I need to get busy instead of just sitting here.

I love you guys-- have a blessed evening. I am going to try to post some pics of my cards if i can figure it out.

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