Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday- I LOVE my job

I can not wait for vacation! It just can not come fast enough for me—then 7 glorious days with no work. Today was very trying. We started out the day with one of my favorite kinds of meeting [yeah right]. The kind I am held hostage in for one full hour of telling me how things in the company are supposed to work.
There was an opportunity for us to donate blood today at work with the local blood bank. I really like to donate when I can because I have blood type that has only 6.7% of the population. We are encouraged to donate blood when they come. Don't read this if you are squeamish So there are several in my department that wanted to donate. I was told to go first and only stay if there was no I walk down to person in front of me to have the interview prior to the donation. Well little did I know she was going to donate using ALEX (a portable plasmaphoresis device where by you are able to donate 2 units of red cells instead of one unit of whole blood). I don't qualify because you have to be taller than 5' 6”--so what is up with that??? anyway I waited—and waited—and waited. Then I finally got ready to donate and they got the needle in and I stopped bleeding. The phlebotomist had to “wiggle” the needle to make me bleed faster. It only took6 minutes once I started bleeding. Anyway, I left the mobile unit and started walking back into the building to go back to work. I looked up and there was my supervisor walking down through there looking for me!!! she said “Are you OK? We were worrying about you—you have been gone a long time” ---- translate that into worker bee and she meant "where have you been?? You have been gone entirely too long. I TOLD you to hurry.So where have you been-----soooo I explained the above and she 'escorted' me back to my desk.
When I got back to work two of the other worker bees said 'did she find you??? she has been frantically looking for you” So that was the joke for the rest of the day-- I am so irreplaceable that I cant be out to donate blood . Geesh I wish I were paid as if I were indeed that irreplaceable.
The best news ever is that Katie was called yesterday by 'The Pink Palace” and offered a job (actually using her degree!! Whooo hoo) Making a decent wage and hopefully a job that she will enjoy. She is also trying to get employment at The National Civil Rights Museum . She knows someone from home (here) that works there and I believe she said she had an interview there or they looked at her resume and want to interview her. Her hope, I think, is to work both places part time and go to school. She thinks she has a assistant ship at University of Memphis. That will allow her to attend school with no fees and get a stipend to boot!!!! GO KATIE!! GO KATIE!!! GO KATIE!!!
Sam's blog update was not too good today. They were expecting to get some money to travel on from his mom's 401k. Something happened and there is no way they are going to have the money to get to Mayo to see Sam's Dr. and for his check up. If you are reading this and feel you want to –please say a prayer for them. I don't know how they do all they do with as little as they have. I wish I had the money to be of use to them.....all I can do is pray ( I know that is a big something) but I wish I could help them monetarily.
Well, off to do laundry and prepare for Friday at my lovely wonderful work place

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Fuzzy White Dogs said...

Wow, your day started off about like mine did! Hopefully tomorrow will be much better for us both!

Congrats to Katie on the job!!! That's fantastic!!