Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sam, blogging and waterfall

I went back and was reading some of my past post in the other made me realize that I really enjoy writing. So I am going to try to write something every single day....most of it will not be interesting to anyone but me. i guess it will be just random thoughts and ideas and stuff
the first news is that I saw a post by Sam's mom--- PTL they don't have to go to Rochester any earlier than they thought. So that gives them a little more time to prepare....and to hopefully get some extra money to make the trip. One of her fears is that their experience will deter other families from adopting special needs children. She states that she would never ever take back the time and experience they have had with him.
I want to post some pictures of out outdoor project. Mark is working hard to get our waterfall done in our backyard. We have been trying to get this done about forever. He has put a lot so sweat and effort into this project of love. It isn't done yet but it is getting closer


Karenladd said...

Hey this is fun, I get to take a peek right into your life! That is SOME project Mark has going there! After he's done with the waterfall, do you think he can come and fix the stairs to our deck!! And I'm glad to see you're still making cards!! They're always a great way to play with paper when you only have a little bit of time.

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

OK now Miss Karen--- where is your blog so i can see into YOUR life....join the world of bloggin girl!
nope sorry cant borrow the guy--he has to finish the waterfall, make a screened in porch back there, a storage building, a workshop, put in new windows in the house,help me paint inside, paint the outside of the house........... i could go on lOL
those are actually cards i made for the swap on about last month i think. i have hardly touched my paper goodies. i have finally gotten k's room ready to paint and got all of her stuff rounded up and put away. Now everything that was in her room has gravitated to my crafty room so i have to clean it yet again...sigh----never ends i guess.
(((hugs))) now get bloggin!