Friday, June 13, 2008


these are our furbabies--
L-R Maggie Mae, Sadiey,Mo

.............and the countdown begins..7 days(or 168 hrs, or 10080 minutes) until our vacation officially starts! then there will be 7 days 9or 168 hrs, or 10080 minutes) of fun and relaxation. I have several places in mind that i would like to eat (the Alamo again, the pancake house across from the resort, Bennetts,Krispy Kreme,The Best Italian Food)..well there are several of them.

Today, thank goodness, work was better. Well not really but at least it is over. I managed to fly under the radar all day for the most part. There were a couple of times I had to communicate with the "Boss"--blech. I am so tired of that place.

i want to start back to crafting-- i have been craftless for several weeks now. I need to finish cleaning up the scrap room and get back to work with something . I really want to sew some. and of course i have all of this paper staring at me waiting to become something

Well, we have Tiffany's wedding tomorrow and the command performance with the in laws on Sunday. I really need to get out and get something for Mark for Father's Day. and i really need to find the Fae i want since i know the tattoo artist i want to do my tat


Fuzzy White Dogs said...

OMGosh Brenda will this be your first tattoo? Are you having somebody in Gatlinburg do it?

Your furboos are so cute! What will you do with them while you're on vacation?

I love your "command performance" remark! ROFL I can totally relate!

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

Hi Becky,
nope this will be my second tat. i tried to find a pic of the one I have but I cant. Will have to get Mark to take another one.

Our little furboos are precious (just like yours) We also have two feline friends that let us live with and serve them. The dog babies go to stay with Lesa and Robert at the K. Kennels. They like it there and Lesa and Robert are good to them. Someone will come check on the Egytian gods while we are gone. They are pretty adament about leaving home....
peace girlee

Sherri said...

vacation countdown!! Us too. We leave July 4th. Have fun. I know what you mean about being to busy to scrap. I'm busy finishing a quilt for the theater auction. It should be nice. Not much time to finish it. tattoo?? ouch. not me

Anonymous said...

aww the puppies are so sweet :) i miss them! (but not as much as i miss you and dad!!)
oh and i'm thinking of getting a tattoo maybe......