Thursday, September 2, 2010

09/02/10 Thursday

Sad--Sad--Sad--- there is so much sadness around me.. I feel so terribly sad for my friends. I am like a rayon dress in the middle of winter stuck to your legs with static cling. My friends grief and sadness clings to me. I wish I had a magic compound to help them feel better.

Please say a prayer for my dear friends
  • Tina-- she is alone this weekend, her job is getting her down . She is still grief stricken from her daughter's death and the physical consequences of her major surgery just before . She is... Broken. I think she has taken all she can take. Her faith is strong--I just don't know how she can go on. Tears.
  • Sharon--just newly married and should be sooooo happy. Her medical conditions make her life so hard . Her children take advantage of her situation (in the past). Job stress and the need to continue to work. She has a great faith--she trusts in God and still the physical and mental aspects of her disease process is getting to her.

  • Maggie-- job woes, grown up children and a husband. Her son nearly died in a swimming accident last fall and I know that still haunts her. She is also dealing with the other three friends that are in need of prayer. Maggie and I are both friends with each of the other.It is so difficult to watch friends fall apart and not be able to do anything to help them in their suffering.

  • Gary--my sweet ,sweet friend. His struggles are of a lost relationship and lost love. He also has physical problems resulting from a freakish accident last Christmas, and new diagnosis of a chronic illness. He now has so much financial responsibility and is not able to work due to both physical and mental wounds. He is struggling also with physical, mental and financial aspects of his new life.

My dear,dear friends--and I--are "standing in the need of prayer" (that is a song). I am listening to many hours of praise and worship songs every day. Now that my job is changed I have more time to plug into the iPod and try to remember the power of prayers and love

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