Friday, May 1, 2009

5.1..09 Friday

soooo--- today we went on our way to Memphis. By the time we got started last night and drove a while we made it just on the other side of Nashville to Dickson. It started getting dark and stated to rain so we decided to stop where we were. It rained an stormed so hard during the night we were almost shaken out of the bed.
today we started off the rest of the way to Memphis--- raining so hard at times we couldn't see where we were going.... but that was OK because we were all going about 35 MPH on the interstate.
Anyway we had seen this sign the last time we went there for the Tennessee Freshwater Pearl Museum in Birdsong,TN so there we decided to stop there. Our advice for this tourist destination--- DON'T. #1-- there is no Museum #2--look at the prices for the "tours" on the sign where i am standing...... UMMMM it is in a little store in a Marina about 12 miles of the interstate on a little twisty country road.....

we did make it to Memphis and our hotel fine and had dinner with Katie and Brad at the American Cafe'.. beautiful desserts

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