Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am Blessed beyond anything I can imagine...well we knew that. Because none of us deserve the blessings we have--hence the name of the blog :-)
today I am blessed by several things:
Mr. S--- not only has he loved me through many things--he is just a lovable kind of guy. He works hard to bring home a paycheck. Today he went out of his way to go to our local quilt shop Loose Threads to see if they had a pedal for my sewing machine. As I was finishing a quilt over the weekend  I dropped my pedal and broke it. I was going to have to order one from an online retailer I thought. Anyway, he dropped by the store and found the machine repair guy --wallah the guy had a pedal and Mr S talked him into taking $20 for it. Now I can finish the quilt and  have one more project done. YEAH!
Katie-- tomorrow is D-Day! She defends her dissertation in the morning and will be finished with school-- FOREVER she says. she will have her Ph.D. graduation is May 11! wooooot!She has been employed at as a Director of Collections, Interpretation, and Development . We are so dang proud of her! She set her goal early in her life and stuck with it. She has been determined and tenacious
Now, I am done with telling you why I am especially blessed today...oh one more thing-- the weather was beautiful today with no snow! (we have gotten more snow in March that all the rest of the year put together)

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