Sunday, January 31, 2010

1/31/10 Sunday

Happy Birthday to my Big brother... We were supposed to be together today. Too bad he was born in January. I was supposed to be in Western Kentucky today to celebrate the day of his birth. I planned to take him date bars and cream horns fro Pattycakes Pastries... Alas a snow storm interfered. Ahh well ...maybe soon I will get to see him. I haven't seen him since August when he had his first hip replaced.
Now, he has been to rehab, he has been home for a while, he has had another hip replacement, he has been to rehab again and is now home again. I miss him a lot. I miss being with him on his birthday.
My big brother is nearly 8 years older than me (3 months less 8 years to be exact). He has always been my protector and my friend. He is a part of the foundation that makes me who I am. He has been with me through the good times and the bad times (even the terrible horrible bad times) and the joyous times.
I am so thankful for his better health. I am thankful for his lovely helpmeet Susie. I am so thankful she loves him and he loves her. I am thankful for their happiness and their family.
I miss being with him on his birthday


Ann Marie said...

Happy birthday, Brenda's brother! :-) It is hard to be away from family on special days. ((hugs))

Sherri said...

too bad the snow interupted your travels. hope you get to go soon. We got snow!! I'm loving it. but I don't have to go anywhere

Anonymous said...
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