Tuesday, August 11, 2009

8.11.09 Tuesday

Happy Birthday Mr S!!
This is the day we celebrate the birth of my dear hubby, Mr S.
Funny story-- on the day of Mr S's 5th birthday and at a party full of little boys, Edith (his Mom) had to leave the party with Charles in charge (his Dad). Seems she was in labor with my Mr S's little sister.... and later that day miss Nancy came into world. She was born 5 years on the same day as my Mr S. Nancy always felt a little left out because she got a cupcake for her birthday instead of a real big cake. Poor baby
He spent most of the day today stacking lumber after he and super brother-in-law cut down the trees (the last two weekends) and then sawed it into lumber.. so we can build a workshop and a porch for me

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