Monday, September 1, 2008


We had a great time going to Katie's the weekend of the 15th. We ended up staying at her place and got to meet her roommates (Katie and Olivia) who seemed to be really nice. They were wonderful to let us stay at the house and not have to spend $359 for a room for 3 nights!!! The apartment was really nice. The house is a Victorian style divided into two parts. Katie and her roommates have the bottom floor. It has all wood floors and large rooms. She is very lucky to have such a nice place and it is in a nice neighborhood.some beautiful houses on Katies block

We got to see a lot of Memphis and the part of TN we had never seen. Mark got to see the Mississippi for the first time (he had seen it when his family went to Wisconsin to visit G parents but just didn't remember). We went across the Mississippi to see Arkansas – just because we could LOL. OK--- little known fact here--- I hate bridges that are high up and curve--and yes we had to go on just that to go to Arkansas-- terrifying. But Katie got some beautiful shots of the Memphis skyline on the way back.

We went to the Pink Palace to see where Katie works and to meet some of her workmates. Everyone seemed really nice and like they like her We didn't have enough time to see everything so we will surely have to go back there. She showed us the campus where she will be attending school and doing her graduate assistant duties. and we got to see katie's office at the palace---

We got to see Brad's condo also-- he has a really nice place and is working hard to get it all fixed up like he wants it. We got to meet his room mate Michael at the apartment. Then we also got to meet Brad's mother,sister Susan and her boyfriend Blake. Sharon (Brad's mother) was very nice and we loved getting to meet her. Brad seems to have a nice family and support system. oh we also went by his studio to see the flower gardens Katie has worked on all summer.

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Katie said...

i'm glad you had a good time out here... you'll have to come back!!