Saturday, April 12, 2008

making cards

well, i haven't been scraping much but i have been making cards. I am in a card swap on and need 15 cards for that. I have been tyring a lot of new ideas. I am going to post the ones i have made on here at the beginning of the week. I have to really struggle to load pictures on here. i just don't feel really comfortable doing it somehow.
today has been a beautiful day especially after the recent storms. It is cool and clear mostly. We have some slight clouds and bright blue sky.
i was looking for a place on blogspot advertised at a local restaurant--- -- but there has been nothing added since January. Looks like It is for something about scrappy . i am trying to figure out how to link up with her.
well off to scrap and sew
i am trying to attach some of the last pages i have done-- they are for my DD's book. i made her an album from extra pictures i had and gave it to her for Christmas. now i am trying to finish all the pics for it and move on
i also can finally say i have used my bug-- look what i made! we have a newly wed at work and i decorated her cube to welcome her back


Laurie said...

what a fun lo!! and way cool on the decorations!! what did you use to make them?

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

Thanks Laurie,
I made the decorations for the cube with the Cricut. Really the first time I have used it for much. i have found it most usefull for making geometric shapes. The hearts and the letters were all cut with the George cartridge and the slot in the middle.
Thanks so much for the comlpliment ..grin..