Saturday, February 16, 2008

faeiry search...

'm on a search for the “perfect” faeiry. I want a smallish, dainty faeiry with pointed ears and feet that have the little curls on the toes. I see her in a dress that is ethereal and gossamer. She must have a halo of flowers in her hair. I look every once in a while at the we-sites that have pictures of the fae and Google “fairy” images (be careful if you do this because you can get some really scary sights ).
Katie thinks I'm too old to be getting another tat—but heck I was 45 when I got Eeyore! Furthermore she things that a faeiry is very passe. But if you didn't know Fae is my middle name and what better thing could I have on my body? It will someday give the nurse's in the nursing home something to talk about---- old lady with tattoos. LOL but at least mine is on a place that is not gonna sag or bag too much(my ankle) . If I can find the faeiry I am looking for she will go on my foot or my other ankle or maybe the other side of the ankle that is already tattooed. Mine is in a place I can always cover up if I want to.
I've scrapped today—so it is a good day. Three pretty simple LO's done for Katie's album. I do like the way they look. I need to take a picture of them and figure out how to post them here. I made some ATC's out of polymer clay—but found they were too fragile to be mailable. Roni has posted a couple of them on her site Ink Stains if you would like to see them. I hope to take a couple of pictures of them and post them here. I put the ones I kept in a picture frame and covered them with 3-d lacquer since they are so fragile.(that was Roni's idea—thanks Roni!!)
I wish for you the best my friends—stay safe and healthy and love the ones you're with


TammyB said...

I took a look around at Fairie images and ran across this site:

Looks like alot of links to some cute stuff.

Ann Marie said...

oooh, have fun picking a new tattoo. I say go for it, it's not like you're tattooing her!!! LOL