Thursday, August 16, 2007

HOT! and eyes are better-- yeah

I am pleased as punch to say—my eyes are about a 1000 times better today- I am still having to put the drops in really frequently until tomorrow—but they only hurt a moderate amount now. I am very grateful for the prayers of my friends and the good care from Dr’s. (Well three dr.s if you count the one at work and my cousin).

I am trying to get started on an album for (someone I can’t say in case she sees it) for Christmas. I have printed about 300 or more pics at WM and ordered some more last night. Anyway, since there are sooooo many pictures of many different activities and people and places I am going to do the whole album in probably black background (although I thought of white too) and limit the colors to 3-4 so to keep the album sorta together. Well that and if I am only working with a limited color palate that ought to make it easier to work on too.

I cannot believe the heat we are having... ET usually is not this hot- the record for today was 100. I just looked out the porch window and the thermometer out there says 100.9 it is too hot to breathe outside, and schools are closing because of the heat so the kids are not in danger. I think there is a quote about “mad dogs and Englishmen” that is related to the heat and it being too hot to go outside in the heat. Not that 100.9 isn’t bad enough but we have humidity to deal with also—course it is not toooo humid because it is so hot.


Vernell said...

Hi Brenda. Got you comment on my blog. Thankfully the hurricane passed to the north of Barbados so they are all fine. Just got lots of rain and some wind. Thanks for asking. I try to drop into when I can but I don't always post. Take care!!

:::b r a n d i::: said...

Glad your eyes are doing better Brenda!

Ann Marie said...

Glad your eyes are better! How's the Christmas album coming?

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

Hurrah for healthy eyes!!

Has it cooled off any there? It hasn't here yet, but we're supposed to have storms tonight & then temps in the 70's tomorrow which will feel frigid after all these days of 90's.

I thought when I moved Up Nawth that I would never sweat again while standing still. Guess I was wrong!!

Ann Marie said...

Hey, girl, you've been tagged!!!

Anonymous said...

Great work.